Tuesday, December 06, 2011


7. Seven. Closer to 1 than birth.  7. Yes, I am still letting it sink in. Smush is now 7 months old.

Seven Months Feels Wiggly and Frustrating

Smush is trying so hard to be mobile. He is starting to see things that he wants then try his hardest to get to them.  This often finds him in all kinds of funny positions and sometime frustrated when he can't get out of them.  His body is quickly catching up to his mind and I have a feeling he will be crawling and successfully pulling up to standing in no time.

Seven Months Sounds Joyful
Nolan is babbling all the time. He has recently turned it up a notch from the dadadas to mamamas, nananas and even some bababas. He loves to laugh and giggle and we love it when he gets so excited that he just goes silent.  Sure smiles and giggles come from his big brother running around him, kisses on his cheeks and getting ice from the ice maker.  I know the last one is kinda weird but he loves it every time.

Seven Months Smells like Antibiotics

This last month has been a rough one on him. He started it out with an ear infection at his 6 month well check. I had seen a few signs so I wasn't suprized in the least bit. After one round of antibiotics the ear infection was still winning. On to round two of antibiotics. This time the antibiotics won! But after a few short days off all antibiotics a cough and mega congestion set in. When the wheezing started it was back to the doctor. This time RSV. So now he is doing breathing treatments and some more meds. The good news is through ALL that yuck our little Smush has remained in super sweet spirits. He had one really crummy I just want to sleep on momma all the time day, but after that it was back to playing. If he didn't have such an awful cough and constant stream of snot you'd never know he was sick.

Seven Months Tastes like Plastic or Wood or whatever else he can get those two little teeth on. EVERYTHING is in the mouth these days. Of course, most of the things he gets are designed for that kind of abuse.
His first tooth broke through right at Halloween and then he popped another one for Thanksgiving.  Maybe we will get a Christmas tooth too? Speaking of Thanksgiving, isn't he a cute lil turkey?

It also finally tastes like food! After weeks upon weeks of offering food everyday Nolan finally decided to give it a try. Once he opened his mouth he loved eveything he tried. Then came the sickness and now meals are a little hit and miss. In true Nolan fashion though he still loves his milks. Although, we have had more success this month with formula when mommy must be away.  He is still a big fan of whole foods like bananas, apples, sweet potato and eating through his strainer thing-a-ma-jig. 

Seven Months Looks Smushy 

You knew I was going to say that at some point, right? My littest man is one handsome Smush. His blondish brown hair is maxing out on the fluff. His dimple just gets deeper and his eyes are still an intoxicating blue. He is almost up to 20 pounds and I still haven't asked the doctor about his 6 months height. Oh well, we have yet another follow up appointment on Friday, so maybe I will remember to ask then.