Wednesday, November 17, 2010


G and I had the urge to bake this weekend, so we tried this pumpkin chocolate chip cookie recipe that had been haunting me since the moment I saw it. Although we may be a little early for the chefs hat and apron, I do love having a little kitchen helper. G has become a pro at watching dinner cook in the over, stirring when appropriate and always wanting to be held so he can see what I'm cooking. I think his favorite job is being my taste tester.

What do you think future chef in the making?

**Disclaimer** I realize almost nothing about this cooking experience is sanitary. Eat items from the Newton household at your own risk. It just may have been cooked by a chef in his diaper.

And if you were wondering the cookies are delicious! We made two small substitutions dark chocolate chips in the cookies and almond extract instead of vanilla in the icing. All the Newton's gave them two thumbs up!

Tuesday, November 09, 2010

With the Fishes

Last week Daddy spent a few days at home just relaxing and loving on his family. G and I soaked up every minute of having him home with us for four days in a row (including the weekend)! One of the few planned activities on our list was to take G to the Dallas Aquarium.

See G LOVES the piddly little aquarium at his pediatricians office and he also LOVES making fishy faces, so we were sure it would be a hit.
Here he is practicing.

We were right. He did love it! I loved that all of the animals are close enough that he could actually tell that they were there and much of the aquarium looks like a rain forest with waterfalls and birds chirping all around so there was something fun to see every where he looked. The added bonus was that since we went on a cold rainy day during the middle of the week no one was there

Here are a few, ummm ok maybe a lot, of the highlights...

G checking out the ginormous snakes, yikes!

I fell in love with these monkeys. Of course I have already forgotten what kind they are, but they were only 5 inches tall. The sweetest thing is the teensy tiny baby monkey who was crawling all over his momma. I feel ya momma monkey!

Checking out the jaguar

Showing Daddy the shark

I know this picture is terrible, but I just love these little penguins and how one is looking right at G. I think he wants to play ball.

The number of things I love about this picture could fill a whole post. To sum it up I ADORE these faces and the sweet souls they carry!

So endearing how G kept pointing out all of the animals to us.

I am looking forward to the next staycation already!

Sunday, November 07, 2010

Halloween was Genius

Halloween couldn't have been more fun. G's friends came over for a pumpkin shaped sandwich and monster bones picnic and ghost bowling before the big trick-or-treating event. With five kids and all the parents our house was quite chaotic but full of laughs and fun.

G and Colt toured the neighborhood in their wagon and the girls had a blast ringing doorbells and explaining their costumes. They were precious running back from each doorway yelling "Mommy, look what I got!" with their bags wide open.

When we got back to the house they loaded up on candy and G broke out the straw flute to entertain everyone.

I absolutely love watching these little ones grow up together (like their mom's did). Their interactions only get more precious and priceless over time. Oh, look at those faces, I just adore them all!

Our Halloween Genius - Baby Einstein

Tuesday, November 02, 2010


All the beautiful weather we have been enjoying had the pumpkin patches calling our name this year. We visit our local patch twice and made a trip down to the Arboretum to play amongst their pumpkin and gourd houses. G had so much fun on each trip and has developed a love for pumpkins. He found out they make great drums, some of them are hard to pick up, the little ones are fun to play with and even throw. Oops!

Here is a just a sampling of the hundreds of pumpkin patch pics we have collected.

Andrew and G at the pumpkin patch 2009 v. 2010

Last year we spent most of the time propping them, feeding them and just strolling quietly. This year we could hardly get a picture that wasn't on the move. We oh so cleverly stuck them in between hay bails to corral them, if only for a minute. The rest of the time they ran...

Next up... Halloween!

Monday, November 01, 2010