Saturday, July 31, 2010

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Step One

The milestone is here. Our sweet G is walking or stepping as I am calling it for now. Although it won't be this way for long. Yesterday, while the coffee table was pushed back he discovered that he could take a couple of steps in between the couch and table. Today, that is his favorite thing to do! In just one day he can consistently take 4 to 6 steps upright and balanced. I am sure he will have all of the kinks worked out in no time.

Walking from Callie Newton on Vimeo.

I just finished crying about having a one year old... not so sure I am ready for a walker. Ready or not, right?

Sunday, July 25, 2010

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Celebrating One... Still

G- As your Dad put it "this first year of your life has been the best of ours". I am so tremendously thankful for you. You are an absolute light to our lives and strangers as well(another story to tell). What a blessing it is that I have been able to spend this year watching you grow and learn. You hardly resemble the newborn you were 365 days ago. Today when I look at you my eyes are filled with tears of gratitude and all consuming love.

I keep thinking about the days and weeks leading up to your birth and that moment you took your first breath. The whole room felt completely overwhelmed with love.

I remember your Dad saying that our lives were changed forever, as he put the pediatricians number on favorites before we left the hospital. He was right. Our lives barely resemble what they were on July 14, 2009.

We loved before, but now we are full of love in an unconditional way I couldn't comprehend then.
We laughed before, but when we share a deep belly laugh it is rich beyond measure.
We were happy before, but being with you has been a constant string of moments that are absolute bliss. Moments that create glassy eyes and an extremely tender heart.

As you start your next trip around the sun, these are some of things that make you uniquely and perfectly you...

Tricks - You love to clap, wave, making a silly sniffing face and fishy face, blow bubbles/raspberries and tickle your lips to make funny sounds
Pointing - You are always pointing. Sometimes it seems you are asking "What's That" other times it seems you are making a proclamation and sometimes it even seems like you are tattling.
Play - Your favorite toys are things that you can push, balls, your new tool set and tupperware. You could play catch/fetch all day!
Eating - you are still an adventurous eater although we have seen our first rejections in the past few days. You seem to like things that are flavorful and reject bland food like Cheerios.
Walking - You are so close! Within the past two days you have started to let go of all supports and just stand perfectly balanced. You are trying to master standing up with out pulling up on a support.
Water- You still love all forms even getting hands and face cleaned after meals.
Sleep - You are a great sleeper. Taking two naps a day and sleeping for about 11 hours a night.
Teeth - You have 7 today but they are popping up quick
Stats - 21 lbs 4 ounces, 29.5 inches long

Happy Birthday Sweet G! Thank you for the best year of our lives... so far!

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Celebrating One

This weekend we celebrate G's first birthday! I really can't believe that those sleepless nights trying to figure out a newborn were a year ago. I know this shouldn't be shocking to me since I have spent all 365 days with him. Really, this should come as no surprise, yet I am shocked at just how fast a year can be.

G was a real sport at his birthday party. He played with friends and performed all of his latest tricks from waving to blowing bubbles, clapping, sniffing and even climbing. The rain poured down, so he didn't get to swim, but I think he enjoyed his party just the same.

*Look for one last sappy I can't believe my baby is one post coming soon! I am finally waking up to the reality and will be over it shortly. Or at least I won't cry about it here.

Tuesday, July 06, 2010

Not For Hire

We were looking to get some work done around the house and found what we thought to be a great contractor. Turns out we knew nothing about his work, only that he was really cute!

He showed up and didn't even know how to work the ladder. He kept barking out incoherent demands for goldfish and strawberries. When he left no work was accomplished and we had a lot of drool to clean up.

Needless to say this contractor is no longer for hire!

I have a sneaking suspicion that we will try out his services again. Say maybe when he is a teenager.

Monday, July 05, 2010

Thursday, July 01, 2010

Just Playing

Wondering what we have been up to? While G has been recovering from a double ear infection we have just been playing. Lots and Lots of playing! You probably shouldn't walk in our house barefoot. I would hate for you to step on a rogue toy.