Monday, April 30, 2012

What'd you say?

Our little G is a constant crack up in the quote department...

Sometimes they are super sweet like when talking about Jesus dying on the cross and the spear being dug into his side his first response was "Can we fix Jesus?".  So sweet and perfect segway into how Jesus was "fixed" by God.

when describing a friend he couldn't find on the playground to someone helping him find her his description was "she looks like a princess".

when sadly leaving a party he told us "I think the house is sad because everyone had to leave it.".

when talking about his favorite part of that same party and exhausting all of the people that he could remembers favortie parts he started with "What was the trees favorite part? What was the houses favorite part?"
Sometimes they are boyish like "I was just tooting in my room.".

after seeing a motorcycle sped by and talking about the drivers poor choice he put up his fist and proclaimed "I'm going to get him with my hammer."

Sometimes they are just plain silly like when he accidentally put on his brothers pj's and thought it was so funny because "They are making me walk like a penguin."

Sometimes they just crack me up because of his perspective.
Mom to G - "I just love your little booty." (That little undie booty is so cute)
G to Mom - "I love your bigger booty."

"Mom, I need to take a bath so I can wash my hands."

"Mommy can you sing with your mouth closed."

I am trying to keep up with all of his wise cracks and the things that make us smile or in some cases keeping us rolling just thinking about them for days.  There is no doubt he fills my heart with joy!

Thursday, April 12, 2012

8, 9, 10, 11 {Smushed}

Here it is... monthly update 8, 9, 10 and 11.  Smushed together in honor of our not-so-little-anymore Smush.

At 8 months he took off crawling.  One New Years Day morning to be exact.  I set him down on the floor to play and he took off like he knew exactly what he was doing and had just been waiting for that moment.  He definitely had his own style crawl.  Most of the time leaving one leg bent and using the other to push repeatedly.  He still does this even 3 months later.

For over a month now Smush has been standing.  He gets so busy emptying drawers or playing with a toy that he doesn't even realize that he has completely let go of all supports.  He can stand for quite sometime before he decides he better move on to the next thing and plops himself down to crawl away.  I am hoping that all of this balance will lead to a steady walker when he learns to take those first steps.  Which I am sure are not to far off.

Those thighs are amazing!  Built like a tree, this boy!

These months have been full of fun tricks like waving bye-bye, clapping, giving kisses and dancing.  Watching him learn and delight in these new abilities is such a joy.  Seeing him (and his brother) figure things out and experience new things really sets my heart on fire. Watching him learn to crawl onto the fireplace and constantly redirecting him is quite the opposite. 

We have watched new teeth erupt and spent many hours in the doctor's office. Since November we have had RSV, ear infections x 3, sinus infection and a really long stint of intestinal issues.  We will be spending even more time in the doctor's office this week when we visit the ENT for an evaluation of those ears. (I wrote this weeks ago.  He actually got tubes today and is already at home playing like his normal self.)

Food.  Oh! We have come so far with the food.  My little Smush who took ages to take a bottle now squeals and grunts in anticipation when he sees a bottle being made.  The same little guy who wouldn't take purees for weeks now devours most every meal (unless he's sick).  His absolute favorite food is blueberries.  When he sees the container it is pure excitement until one hits his lips.  I can't get them to him fast enough.
8 Months

9 Months

10 Months

11 Months

(Insert Picture I haven't even take yet here)

One of the best things about these past few months has been watching the relationship between brothers develop.  It has been tough since Smush began to crawl.  There have been more battles and more lessons about sharing learned (on the older end) but there has also been immeasurable joy.  Nolan, you think your brother is hilarious and laugh at him constantly.  Good thing is your brother thinks he's a comedian and LOVES to get you laughing.  The funny thing is I have had multiple people tell me they think Smush is going to be the family ham.  I can't even imagine what we are in for if you are sillier than your brother.  Lots of laughs ahead!  Here he is putting on his Back Seat Comedy Routine "Smelly Feet". 

Since getting new car seats (yes, Nolan already outgrew his first one) the two of you love to hold hands and reach for each other in the car.  My heart melts every time!

Sweet Smush your first birthday is just around the corner.  This year has flown by in the most crazy, happiest of all times kinda way.  You fill my heart with such solid joy.