Thursday, June 17, 2010

Today was a Fairytale

Just like the approach of Mother's Day and G's first birthday, Father's Day has me all a mess too. A good mess, that is.

All I can think about is that when I fell in love with this man, he was kind to others, funny as all get out, honest to the core, giving to a fault, and so openly loving. He was everything I wanted in a husband.

Today he is still all of those things, but over the last year I have had the privilege of watching him become a father. Today I can't imagine a role more perfectly suited for him. When G crawls up to him and says "dada" my heart melts thinking that dada is exactly who he was always meant to be, even if he didn't always know it.

The last year has been our toughest yet, but even on the worst days I am living my fairytale thanks to him. Happy Father's Day Matt! G and I are so blessed to call you ours!

Tuesday, June 15, 2010


One month from today my baby will be a year old. There I said it. I don't believe it, but I put it out there and deep down I know it is the truth. In my mind, I feel like we just brought him home from the hospital a few weeks ago. The idea of sweet G being a year old is really hitting me hard. I want to soak up every last baby detail about him, but they are vanishing quickly.

A few details about my not so babish baby
-About 28 inches long, 20 pounds and 5 teeth
-Hair so long it is starting to curl
-Still love to travel along the furniture and are testing out your balance for walking all the time
-Rather play with a household items than a toy, coasters are your favorite
-Only food you dislike = pickles
-Love playing jumps and hide and seek/peek-a-boo with mom and dad
-Stranger attention seeking and you almost always find it from your cart seat
-Talk, talk, talk, but no real words other than dada or dad
-Climb - you have already mastered the fireplace and are working on the bathtub
-Still use all of your hundreds of expressions, most of them involving your eye brows
-Water baby - you love it any way you can get it, bath, shower, pool, river, or sprinkler

One of the things I love most about our days are our after nap chats. You wake up and I open the door to this face greeting me.

You tell me about your nap and I tell you what I have been up to and what is up next for our day. Usually the first thing on your mind is a snack.

See Momma that's what I want.


Yummy! Thanks Mom!

Eleven months has gone by so fast. You change and find new ways to amaze me everyday. I am so blessed and thankful to be your momma.

**If you see me with tear stained cheeks in the next four weeks no worries, it was probably just a my baby is going to be one breakdown.

Saturday, June 12, 2010

You Can Look

But Honey whatever you do please don't touch!

G surely loves his Uncle Kooter it is just his beard that he is not so sure of.

Friday, June 04, 2010

A Little Help Here

As you have seen here before, our sweet G is such a big help. This week he decided to try his hand at dust busting.

You see, he was doing great until he accidentaly turned it on!

After a brief questioning look, he quickly moved into full blown panic, get me the heck outta here mode! I guess we should try out some chores with out on switches next time.