Thursday, July 14, 2011


I am so thankful for all the reason I have to smile today.

Especially this one.

**Warning - This could very well be one of those videos that only a mother loves. I am risking your boredom and posting on.**

I just adore how he gets so excited and smiles that big open mouth smile. Or how when you talk to him he will smile and turn away, like he is flirting or being bashful.

G and I could just sit and talk to him forever. We say "a-goo" and then get really excited when he says it back to us.

We try to come up with songs and funny things we can do to make him smile, like playing This Little Piggy on those sweet toes.

I absolutely adore spending time with both of them and seeing how their interaction has increased and changed in 11 fast weeks. Nolan loves his big brother and it is evident by that sweet grin that crosses his face when he sees him. G loves his little brother too. As soon as he wakes up in the morning or after nap, he has to locate Nolan. Every time I am loading or unloading the car he always wants to know Nolan's where abouts. He keeps close tabs on the little guy.

These brothers give me countless reasons to smile. And seeing them smile at each other is one of the biggest ones.

Sometimes being a brother is even better than being a super hero.
- Marc Brown

Monday, July 11, 2011

We've Been...

Well folks, we have just been to busy to blog about it.

In the last few weeks...

We visit a farm. G got to hold a chicken, plow the field, water vegetables and ride on a tractor. It was a blast!

G took swim lessons.
He LOVED them. He learned a few new skills like monkey crawling along the walls and jumping in to add to his bubble blowing, kicks and scoops.

We have laughed with friends.
I just adore watching G develop friendships. He loves Jamison! He will often tell me "Mommy, JJ funny!". They sure so share a lot of laughs.

We have celebrate.
We had a crazy busy 4th of July weekend that was highlighted by G's first parade. He loved the fire trucks, horses and waving his American flag.

Nolan enjoyed the parade too.

It's hard for me to believe this was our little patriot last year.

We have discovered a new love. After a visit to the fire station, G has not stopped talking about firemen and fire trucks.

We've got some new shades.

We've been singing and dancing too. G loves to sing. And sing. And sing. The same songs over and over.
After the 5th or 20th rendition I usually suggest a different song and then we sing that one over and ove again. My favorites are the ones with hand motions and how could you not love his Justin Beiber.

We've experienced Play-Dough. It sure does smell funny.

We've read some books. G joined the library's summer reading program and after having 24 books read to him he got a bucket of loot! He was really excited, especially about "dinosaur bird" tattoo. We finished 24 books in one week and that's not counting the massive number of times we read his favorites on repeat.

We started a family band.

We've been cooking and making lots of cookies. This recipe has us hooked.

We visit the Fort Worth Museum of Science and History. G got to see dinosaurs, play in a pretend doctor's office and grocery store and even watch a movie in the planetarium.

Sweet Nolan has been along for the ride. Joining us on all our adventures and blessing us with sweet smiles and coos along the way!