Saturday, August 09, 2014

grown up

he is my guy. and he is almost five.  he can.not.wait. to be five.  he asks me daily for a count down.

what an enormous gift it is to watch him grow.  he's been doing and saying all of these things lately that seem so "big kid" to me.  the way he can carry on a conversation. the questions he asks.  the way he looks at and interprets the world.  it is all changing and it is no surprise I adore the bigger kid he is becoming.

chores are so important to him these days.  he loves to set the table, load and unload the dish washer, take in the trash cans and has even been known to surprise me by making the beds and cleaning up all of his books during rest time.  as he completes each task he beams with pride and loves to tell daddy what he has been up to when he comes in from work. he loves to earn money for doing chores, although we are still trying to figure out what chores are just expected in our house and which chores earn money.  right now he is thrilled to earn the money, but if we tell him otherwise he continues to work just for the pride in doing it.

as he grows and is able to actually complete these tasks with out much or any assistance I am continually in awe.  my guy is growing.

during some precious one on one time with him the other day, he asked me out of the blue "mom, why is it taking me so long to be a grown up?"  I wanted to tell him just how fast it really is going and that he would be a grown up before we all knew it, but instead we chat.  I asked him about why he wanted to be a grown up.  come to find out he just wants to get married and take his wife on dates.  his idea of a great day was just to go for a "little run" together.  that is unless she is having a baby, then he would drive her wherever she wants to go.

five is coming fast. five feels like big birthday. but from where I sit now, it looks like five is going to be a pretty sweet year.