Saturday, June 30, 2012

Swim, Swim

We have official donned our scales for the season.  This family has been swimming up to 7 times a week the past two weeks. Most of that is due to G's swim lessons that were 4 days a week.
He absolutely loves to be in the water and has started asking to go to the pool in the morning and again after nap.  Some days that is the schedule, it's too hot to play outside otherwise.
This year G moved up to the 3-5 year old class, even though he isn't quite 3 yet.  They allowed it and I thought it would be more appropriate for his skill level.  On the first day I was a little nervous because all the other kids in his class were at least 4 and there were several 5 year olds.  Those kids were a foot taller than G!  But as usual, there was nothing to worry about.  He held his own and was able to keep up and do everything right along with the class.
He loved his teachers Miss Samantha and Miss Valerie. He really took to Samantha.  She is in the pictures with him. 
His favorite new skill is blowing bubbles while going completely underwater.  This means he can dive for toys, which he could do for hours.  He has also learned to put kicking, scooping and blowing bubbles together all at the same time.  To say he is swimming is a bit of a reach but he is putting the moves together.  I am excited to see where he is by the end of the summer. 
I don't have any pictures of the rest of us in the water, since I am in the water where the camera can't go. But here are a couple of Nolan enjoying a break from the water and watching brother swim.
We have also started a summer tradition of swimming at the poor nearby every Tuesday night.  Family Fun Night! Picnic dinner and a short and sweet splash before we tuck in pruney babies is the best!

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Too Quiet

Here I am again.... so very far behind. Amazing day at the zoo - no blog
Nolan turned one - no blog
Nolan walking - no blog
Nolan got his first doctor worthy injury - no blog
Sea World - no blog
Beach trip- no blog

It's bad. I don't even know where to start so I am starting with a sweet simple moment from yesterday that I just don't want to forget.

Every day as I start to prepare dinner I have little feet dancing around mine.  G's are usually dangling from the counter, while he helps me chop and mix. Nolan is typically trying to get into the drawers in the refrigerator as soon as it opens. 
*G used to do that too.  I am constantly finding produce with tiny little bites taken out. *
But yesterday they were playing together in and out of the kitchen, joining me for brief bits then taking off to play again.  I was enjoying the sweet sounds of brothers playing nicely when I noticed things had been a little too quiet.  Which always means they are into something, right?

I headed down the hallway to find this...
Those little theives had snatched apples from the drawer and were camped out snacking in Nolan's room.  They were both just chomping away quietly enjoying their self made afternoon snack. I couldn't stop laughing thinking that this was the first little bit of them getting into stuff together.  They are starting out so innocently sneaking apples.  Let's hope it stays that way!

And just because here are a few of my favorire pictures from the week...

Never wearing pants.

 Sharing snacks.