Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Nom, Nom, Nom

We are eating! At the 5 month mark I decided to try cereal out with G. We got the new spoons washed, high chair set up, bib on, cereal thin and room temp, baby buckled, video camera rolling and nothing... he ate like a champ. After a very brief, what in the world moment he continued with no spitting, no funny face. Just looked at us like - big deal, I am eating. And here he is...

Thursday, December 24, 2009

Monday, December 21, 2009

Looking a lot like Christmas

or should I say it's finally looking a lot like Christmas. Our decorations are finally coming together this year. The lights are on the house, the tree is adorned and the mantle is taking shape. I have finally finished G's stocking and feel so pleased with the results. Our stockings are upcycled - Aren't we green!

This table runner from our wedding....
has now become these stockings (and tree skirt).

I decided to make G's argyle to match the print in his room. Seemed easy enough, but took lots of precision. Finally here is a sweet video of my guys putting up the lights, narrarated by yours truly. Enjoy!

Putting up the lights from Callie Newton on Vimeo.

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Slight Obsession?

Babies are cute! I get that... but babies in hats just push it over the edge. I just can't resist a baby in a hat, especially my baby!

I am just realizing that he has a LOT of hats. He even has a couple that aren't pictured because they don't fit him quite yet. To justify, they are practical, keeping his head/ears warm and the sun out of his eyes. Yet, to be honest, I put them on him most of the time because they are just so dang cute!

5 months or 22 weeks

It has been 5 months since we have been able to snuggle and smooch on this little man. What a blessing!

At 5 months G...
-Can roll over both ways
-Has tasted his first bit of cereal
-Chews on everything
-Is startled when he rolls over in his sleep
-Giggles hard when other people are laughing
-Has learned to scream in a playful way
-Loves to stand up
-Still loves bath time (in the bath tub, sink or shower)
-Reaches for toys when handed to him
-Can sit up (propped) with out falling over most of the time
-Is constantly amusing strangers. He is a very expressive baby!

Everyday for the past 22 weeks I have loved you, rocked you, nursed you, talked with you, wiped that cute tushie, clothed you, sung to you (much to your fathers dismay), watched you sleep, and felt overwhelmed by what an enormous blessing being your mother is. I love you sweet G!

Monday, December 14, 2009

On My Laptop

Here is G on his new laptop. I think he likes it! I love how the mouse is a mouse.. get it! So cute!
Sorry about Matt's commentary. He was on the phone while he was videoing.

On the Laptop from Callie Newton on Vimeo.

Sunday, December 13, 2009

Sports Cry

My bestie runs marathons. I know, I am with you, CRAZY right? Who thought it would be a good idea to start running and not stop for 4 hours? Not I! But after attending, as part of the cheer squad, for four years I have found that more than a few people disagree with me.
I do, however, think if you have the chance, if you are feeling down about the world, if you want to see humanity at its best, you should attend a marathon. It is unlike any other sporting event I have ever attended. It is a mass of people cheering in solidarity for strangers and friends, for a common goal, for people achieving or giving it good solid try. With out fail, within minutes of arriving I have a full on sports cry. Matt defines a sports cry as glossy eyes, usually done my a man and termed a sports cry so he doesn't seem overly emotional.
At the first glimpse of a child in a homemade "I am proud of you dad" t-shirt I am teary. A few of the moments that glossed my eyes today... The dad crossing the finish line with a sign that read "For my son (due April 2010) Never Say Can't", the lady running with one leg and one prosthetic helping to push a girl in a wheelchair "running" with her arms, the kids who jump out on the course to finish the race with their mom or dad, the face of my best friends crossing the finish line together. Every year I leave with a renewed faith in the human spirit.
I am so proud of you Kristin, Austin and Shana! You are proof that if you put your mind to something it CAN be accomplished. You are an inspiration and I love you!
Here they are 26.2 miles later crossing the finish line!

Here is G at his first marathon!

Tuesday, December 08, 2009

Sunday, December 06, 2009

Always Pleased

I have a 5 month old. He LOVES to look in the mirror. I hold him up and he takes one glance at himself and is SO pleased. He shoots himself big smiles and even a giggle or two. We go through this routine daily - often multiple times a day. Then the other day it struck me... what if we were always this pleased to see ourselves in the mirror.
I am sure at one time I greet my reflection with coo's and grins, but now all I seem to see are the flaws. They are highlighted, in neon even, screaming out to me at each glance. I walked by the mirror with a uggh and hurry on.
Matt and I have joked since G was born about what life would be like if we never lost some of our infant habits. Most of them would make adult life, as we know it, awkward, but when it comes to delighting in our image - exactly how we were intended to be- here I think we could take a lesson from the babies.
Now I am off to put on a mask...

His timing is perfect

Matt and I have recently begun attending one church regularly. We struggled to find a place that would meet our varying needs, since we come from different religious upbringings. After attending this church off and on for years it has now become apparent that we have found a "home". One reason this church community feels so right to us is the amazing timing we have encountered with sermons and lessons learned. Today was no exception. He knows the lessons our hearts need and exactly when we need them!
This is just one example...
Luckily, this church is very close to my mothers house and we have been fortunate enough to leave G with her while we attend service. All the while, I have known that this luck would run out and G would have to go to childcare at some point. As a first time stay-at-home parent, this was a bit daunting.
So today we geared up and were ready to leave him during the service. Bring on the germs, the lovely and capable volunteers that we don't know, the risk of a blow out in strangers arms, an inconsolable spell with out mom's comfort. We were going to do it. Ready or not.
We had a few minutes to spare, but took our seats and I just tried to sit still. My stomach was turning and I just kept thinking this is no big deal. I kept repeating "If they need us they will page us" and "He will be fine". I asked Matt several times, "Do you think he's ok?". He tried to reassure me, but I was anxious.
This is where the impeccable timing comes in... The sermon starts and the topic is no other than anxiety! Seriously? You know my heart. You know where it is in every moment and so often You lovingly put the answers in front of me. This time it was crystal clear. If I am being completely honest though... it was hard for me to concentrate, because I was so anxious about my baby.
He did great! The ladies loved him, he was still in the same clothes (no blow out!), and so far no signs of strange illness. Until next week he will be in my arms :)

Thursday, December 03, 2009

Why Babies Wear Onesies

G was given lots of clothes when he was born. And thankfully so, since we didn't find out we were having a boy until the moment he was born. Several outfits we were given are two piecers. They are absolutely adorable, but this is always the end result.

It Snowed!

G only had to wait 4 and a half months to see his first snow. The pictures didn't turn out too well, but I promise it was snowing! It came down for about an hour and only stuck around for about the same, but it was beautiful. If only for a moment.

If you look hard you can see a little build up on the fence and snow in the bushes. Hey, it's Texas, we will take what we can get!
As new parents everything is unchartred territory. Everyday we get to know this new life that we have been entrusted with and it is a beautiful discovery. Everyday is amazing, but not all of it is what I "expected".
Today was exactly what I had always hoped for. Cuddling in the morning. G's showing off his sweet coo's and new raspberry blowing trick. Followed by breakfast and more family play time. Then my very favorite part. Sandwiched between my two favorite men, we napped. Our breath in sync. It was beautiful. These are the moments that I dreamt we would have as a family. The moments I hope I always remember.

For this Season

Seasons are captivating to me. The way we move through a year while the weather and landscape changes subtly mirroring the changes in our lives. As the seasons change it is sometime hard to let go. We cling to what we so temporarily were connected to. Yet sometimes we are ready to see the season pass - To dive right into what the next season holds.
Last night, we were reminded of a beautiful season in our lives. One that we will always look back on with fond memories. One that I am glad that I can escape back to, if only for a night.
Matt and I joined friends for a concert in Dallas. It was at a small unique venue, where none of the typical Dallas stereotypes were in play. We danced and sang and I woke up with a sore throat.
I look back at our time in Dallas with such fond memories. Our friends were at a moments notice. We lived in a cramped apartment (my 7 year old cousin even questioned "Where is the rest?"), were newly weds, with little responsibility and a city to experience. We ate at new restaurants and fell in love with the hole in the wall establishments. We took long walks on Katy Trail and discussed the seasons of our future.
Those are the seasons we are living out now and life is equally as beautiful, but it is so fun going back!

Laughing with Dad

Heart Melt...

Laughing with Dad from Callie Newton on Vimeo.

We've Moved

We are going to settle here for a while... I wasn't happy with the way the shutterfly site was working out. I wanted to be able to put the story with our pictures, so here we are. Pictures and stories coming soon!