Sunday, May 30, 2010


You heard it hear first. The Newton family is growing! Nope no human babies here, but the babies in my garden are bringing me almost as much joy. Everyday I go out and tend to them, just checking on them, making sure a weed or pesky rabbit hasn't tried to invade their space. And how do they repay me? With sweet little babies like this.

I am just giddy. Well, I was until I spot a little garden snake hanging out with my zucchini. Didn't think to snap a picture of him.

Since I simply can't push publish with out a picture of G here is he.

Ok, forget what I said about the garden bringing almost as much joy. It is really no where close!

That's My Boy

It starts early... the moments when you look at your child doing something the exact way that you would do it and say "That's My Boy!". It is moments like these that you know that your DNA is certainly a part of theirs. In case you had any doubt after the 40 weeks of new symptoms and continual growth followed hours of joyful labor pain.

We had one of these such moments today. I gave him a piece of toast with cream cheese, which he has had before, but this time he went cheese side first. To heck with the bread. I want the cheese!

Now this is no longer the way I eat things spread with the ever tasty cream cheese. Through my years I have learned restraint and a few manners. But isn't it a joy to watch children who haven't learned that quite yet. To see what is innate in us and the pure joy that acting without restraint can bring.

Next time I am eating cream cheese alone, I am going at it just like G.

We are saving our Nonnie Manners for another day.

Tuesday, May 25, 2010


He seems unassuming sitting there with that sweet little grin, but don't let him fool you.

He can do this all in a days work...

**Disclaimer** I accept full responsibility for each of these messes, as I watched him create them all. He was enjoying it, so I was too.

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Splish, Splash

Our little man is defintely a water bug. He loves to splash in the water and make a huge mess of the bathroom. How could we stop him when he is having this much fun?

So fresh and so clean!

Friday, May 07, 2010

It Takes a Village

This week, as my first Mother's Day as a mother approached, I found myself thinking a lot about motherhood. For as long as I can remember I have wanted to be a mother. Since having G, I can be moved to tears hearing him laugh, watching him play or just thinking about the gift he is and how honored I feel that God put him in my care. I believe that motherhood is a beautiful calling and an incredible responsibility. The great thing about the responsibility part is that I am not raising him alone.

Of course I have an amazing husband, but Mother's Day has me thinking about all of the women that G has in his life. He is surrounded by grandmothers, aunts, cousins, teachers and a multitude of friends who love him. These women that will help us to shepherd our sweet boy, each of them with unique stories to share and lessons to teach. They will help us to teach him right from wrong, how to tie his shoes, how to treat a lady, how to make biscuits, how to read, about respect, family, friendship, his need for a Savior and countless other life lessons that will make him the man he is growing be.

Tonight, I am especially thankful for our village. I am thankful for the village of women who helped to raise me and if I am being truly honest still are. I am thankful that I have been called to be G's mother and the incredible gift it is. I am thankful for the village of mothers that G has today and the mothers that he has not yet met. Today is for you, Happy Mother's Day!

Dance Baby Dance

Sometimes when the music hits you, you just have to give in and dance.

*It's about 40 seconds in when the music takes control. I know, right after my photography skills I will work on video editting.

Untitled from Callie Newton on Vimeo.

Still going...

Still Dancing from Callie Newton on Vimeo.

Sweet G, I know the feeling. You get it from me. It is such a pleasure to watch you figure out your newest moves.