Sunday, May 30, 2010

That's My Boy

It starts early... the moments when you look at your child doing something the exact way that you would do it and say "That's My Boy!". It is moments like these that you know that your DNA is certainly a part of theirs. In case you had any doubt after the 40 weeks of new symptoms and continual growth followed hours of joyful labor pain.

We had one of these such moments today. I gave him a piece of toast with cream cheese, which he has had before, but this time he went cheese side first. To heck with the bread. I want the cheese!

Now this is no longer the way I eat things spread with the ever tasty cream cheese. Through my years I have learned restraint and a few manners. But isn't it a joy to watch children who haven't learned that quite yet. To see what is innate in us and the pure joy that acting without restraint can bring.

Next time I am eating cream cheese alone, I am going at it just like G.

We are saving our Nonnie Manners for another day.

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