Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Celebrating One

This weekend we celebrate G's first birthday! I really can't believe that those sleepless nights trying to figure out a newborn were a year ago. I know this shouldn't be shocking to me since I have spent all 365 days with him. Really, this should come as no surprise, yet I am shocked at just how fast a year can be.

G was a real sport at his birthday party. He played with friends and performed all of his latest tricks from waving to blowing bubbles, clapping, sniffing and even climbing. The rain poured down, so he didn't get to swim, but I think he enjoyed his party just the same.

*Look for one last sappy I can't believe my baby is one post coming soon! I am finally waking up to the reality and will be over it shortly. Or at least I won't cry about it here.


  1. don't make me think about it...tear...they grow so painfully fast :(. congrats to big man, g!