Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Sick and Hard

So the past 5 days have been interesting around here. The two best descriptors - sick and hard.

We came home from celebrating a great friends 30th birthday Friday night to our sweet boy with a stomach bug and 102 degree temp. Into Saturday morning, we snuggled, ate ice chips, accumulated amounts of laundry our household has never seen before and watched a Disney movie at 5 am. It was a long night. Even longer for the sick babe.

I know he was horribly sick and it's not the best time to start taking pictures. I just couldn't help myself. Some moments are too tender to pass up. Seriously? Look at these two! These are the only two I took - Promise!

The rest of the weekend was spent in recovery. G slowly regained his appetite and spent a lot of time being cuddled or asleep.
Then Monday morning hit. I am still not sure what happened or if this is just how the terrible two's start but whatever it was, we are in it - full throttle. Since then our little boy just hasn't been the same. Our days are filled with hitting, tantrums and I swear I have now seen projectile tears. If you have spent time with G, you know this is NOT anywhere near his normal temperament.
Yes, he is 20 months old and has had his fair share of breakdowns, limp noodle moments and fits of rage. But they are rare. This week has been FULL of them, day in and out, top to bottom.
I've cried, he's cried! This would be the hard part I was speaking of. I am hoping that this passes soon, but in the meantime we are getting down a solid discipline strategy and rolling with the punches (sometime literally).

As of post time, I have to say today has been MUCH better. Only a few fits, a long play at the park, and a visit from one of G's favorite gals, Bentley. Now I am off to knock on all the wood I can find and cross every thread, finger, limb in the house, in hopes that I didn't jinx it!

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  1. Oh no! I'm so sad to hear about G getting sick and about the difficult stage he's entered...I look to you and G for a forecast of what's to come at my house - the outlook is ominous! I know its just a stage for your sweet one and it, too, shall pass...but it sure does sound hard! :(