Tuesday, September 06, 2011


This is going too fast! Didn't I just post a 3 month update?

Like it or not, Smush went and turned 4 months old. He is the same sweet, happy, smushy baby he has always been just gaining new skills everyday.

I adore how he wakes up this happy each and every morning! It's a treat to see him in the morning.

He still isn't rolling quite yet. That blasted broad shoulder just gets in the way. Instead he has opted for baby break dancing, as I like to call it. He just spins on his back, twisting and turning his way across the floor.

He is starting to reach out for things and loving toys like tag blankets and his Texas teether. Speaking of teeth, his bottom gums are getting awfully thin and showing two little bumps. The drool has picked up to a bib wearing pace and he has traded that sweet little thumb for a full fist most of the time.

His stats at 4 months are 16 lbs 10 ounces and 26 inches long. Still hanging out in between the 90th and 100th percentile. Remember how I was going to take a picture of him in the same onesie for his monthly pictures? Yep, thats a 12 month onesie he is wearing! If he keeps up this pace he will outgrow it long before he gets to 12 months.

He still falls asleep holding on and surely loves his momma best of all. He gives us smiles and giggles all the time! I can not get enough!

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