Monday, April 30, 2012

What'd you say?

Our little G is a constant crack up in the quote department...

Sometimes they are super sweet like when talking about Jesus dying on the cross and the spear being dug into his side his first response was "Can we fix Jesus?".  So sweet and perfect segway into how Jesus was "fixed" by God.

when describing a friend he couldn't find on the playground to someone helping him find her his description was "she looks like a princess".

when sadly leaving a party he told us "I think the house is sad because everyone had to leave it.".

when talking about his favorite part of that same party and exhausting all of the people that he could remembers favortie parts he started with "What was the trees favorite part? What was the houses favorite part?"
Sometimes they are boyish like "I was just tooting in my room.".

after seeing a motorcycle sped by and talking about the drivers poor choice he put up his fist and proclaimed "I'm going to get him with my hammer."

Sometimes they are just plain silly like when he accidentally put on his brothers pj's and thought it was so funny because "They are making me walk like a penguin."

Sometimes they just crack me up because of his perspective.
Mom to G - "I just love your little booty." (That little undie booty is so cute)
G to Mom - "I love your bigger booty."

"Mom, I need to take a bath so I can wash my hands."

"Mommy can you sing with your mouth closed."

I am trying to keep up with all of his wise cracks and the things that make us smile or in some cases keeping us rolling just thinking about them for days.  There is no doubt he fills my heart with joy!

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