Saturday, July 05, 2014


our little miracle whip is half way to one.  half way! it all happened so fast that I am certain if I blink he will be one.  so I'm swaddling him tight and using tons of visine.  I'm determined to slow him down just a bit.

although, there is really no slowing him down these days.  I don't feed them to him, but this kids eats milestones for breakfast.  he is a mover.  at 5 months he started sitting up pretty well.  the doctor even noted that he had incredible trunk control.  as soon as he mastered sitting, he was determined to move. 

when evan isn't trying to army crawl across the floor he is busy razzing on anything he can find, still soaking him self in drool in minutes.

the boys and I have determined that drooling is his super power.  he conquers his enemies in slimy, drippy drool.

he has two perfect little bottom teeth that came in right at 6 months.

with all the crawling, sitting and pulling up... oh, did I mention he can sit himself up and pull himself up?  he pulls himself up on me all the time.  so with all with all of the pulling up we went ahead and moved his crib on down. 

he is trying new foods and hasn't found anything he doesn't like yet. I can't really tell if there is anything he likes the most either.  he just treats it all the same.


there isn't a day that passes that I don't kiss his sweet, round belly and thank the Lord.  six months later it feels like the scares we faced were a dream. or a night mare. watching evan grow is a constant reminder of His grace.  amazing grace.


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