Saturday, April 03, 2010

Four Posts in One: Hang in There

April Fools Day Crawler: Post 1 of 4

So April started off with a bang as our little April Fool decided to crawl! He had been getting into position for a few weeks, was very successful at creeping backwards and had even learned how to creep forwards, but on April 1, he crawled about two or three feet in drive, straight ahead. He saw the pulls on our dresser and just knew they had to be his. I stood in delight trying not to squeal since that might break his concentration. Over the next few days, he repeated this very short crawl and I failed to capture any of it. Every time I broke out the camera he would just look at me, which means he wasn't crawling.

Meeting a Princess: Post 2 of 4
When the invitation came in the mail I was so excited! A Costume Party for a friends birthday. It was Little Mermaid themed, so G went as Flounder. At the party, he got to meet Snow White. Can you tell he was taken with her?

Here is G in his Flounder top... isn't he the cutest flounder you ever saw!

Mom's Gone Peepin' Crazy: Post 3 of 4I found this tutorial for a bunny bunting and just couldn't resist. It turned out too cute that I just kept going and G ended up with a peep outfit. He was too busy for me to get a shot of the front of it, but the good thing is he is adorable form this angle too!

All the New Things: Post 4 of 4
So G is on a roll with new tricks. Here they are in no particular order.

Crawling: Part 1 of 3 of Post 4 of 4
His crawling is getting better by the day and taking him to new places all around the house. His favorites so far are emptying out the diaper basket and grabbing the pulls on the furniture.
He likes to take the cloth diapers out one by one, swing them around then pull out the next one. Eventually, the empty basket seems to be the most fun.
Here is a video of him crawling in action! I guess it is hardwired in men to be in control of the remote!

Swimming: Part 2 of 3 of Post 4 of 4
We got together with family Easter afternoon, grilled out delish burgers and G took his first dip in the hot tub. I was sure that he would love it since he loves bath time and I was right. He stayed in until his feet were prunes!

Clapping: Part 3 of 3 of Post 4 of 4: AKA Mom's Heart Melts
We have been working on clapping for a few weeks and this morning G woke up ready to clap with no assistance! He was so pleased with himself, just laughing and clapping, laughing and clapping. It is so precious I just fell to pieces. Don't believe me? See for yourself!

I love how he holds his left hand still and only moved the right one.

Thanks for hanging in there through all of the updates. You must really love us!

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