Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Pardon the Interruption

Please excuse this break from our regularly scheduled adorable baby sighting, but I just have to share.

Now how in all of my culinary research I have missed this woman is beyond me, but I would like to introduce the Pioneer Woman. To say I am in LOVE is to put it mildly! I stumbled upon her website a few weeks ago, I know I am probably the last one on earth, and it was love at first sight. It is loaded with recipes, mouth watering pictures for every step, and commentary that will have you laughing. My first attempt was her Grilled Ribeye with Onion Blue Cheese Sauce. Really y’all I about died. It was that good! In just a few short weeks since that amazing evening, I have made her Lasagna, Enchiladas, Chicken Strips, Crash Hot Potatoes (twice) and tonight I am mixing up my version of Chicken Spaghetti with hers. All recipes have been still thinking about it the next day good! The lasagna even got approval from my Italian hubby who frowns at the thought of anyone but his mother’s lasagna.

So go on now, hop on over to her sight. You will need to hop, since I haven’t found a figure friendly recipe yet. And if you have some time, say you are nursing a baby, read her love story and swoon over it too!

Then, call me so we can share in our new found love.


  1. yes, she is my fav. her carmelized onion and proscuitto pizza is one of the most divine things that I have ever put in my mouth. GO MAKE NOW!

  2. OMG do we love the Pioneer Woman!! Everything that I have made from her is amazing. She is a TRUE domestic goddess--I mean, how does she do it ALL? The Ranch Style chicken looks heavenly, but I've never ventured to make it because the fat and calorie content is probably lethal. Love her......I'm glad you stumbled upon her! Your days are surely improved!