Thursday, June 17, 2010

Today was a Fairytale

Just like the approach of Mother's Day and G's first birthday, Father's Day has me all a mess too. A good mess, that is.

All I can think about is that when I fell in love with this man, he was kind to others, funny as all get out, honest to the core, giving to a fault, and so openly loving. He was everything I wanted in a husband.

Today he is still all of those things, but over the last year I have had the privilege of watching him become a father. Today I can't imagine a role more perfectly suited for him. When G crawls up to him and says "dada" my heart melts thinking that dada is exactly who he was always meant to be, even if he didn't always know it.

The last year has been our toughest yet, but even on the worst days I am living my fairytale thanks to him. Happy Father's Day Matt! G and I are so blessed to call you ours!


  1. Your post has me a mess!!!!! Love you and your cute little family of figs!!!

  2. C, this is such a sweet story. those daddies really are the glue that hold us together all the time. happy father's day to you man :)