Tuesday, November 22, 2011


So fall is here. Well, it's been here. As usual I am late to the game. We have been so busy in real life that I have hardly had the time to keep up here in blog world. We've been busy and a little allergy ridden. Allergies mean early bed time for momma. So here is a catch up post of all the fun that we have been having since fall fell and I fell behind.

We visit the pumpkin patch, over and over again. G actually calls it the pumpkin farm and for a few weeks he asked if we could go every day.
It is such a fun place to take hay rides, play in the village of wooden cut outs, tractors and trailers, run through the pumpkin house, see a pig, a really old turtle and have a picnic lunch.

We are fortunate that a fabulous patch is really close to our house so we are able to visit often and even have picnic dinners there when Daddy gets home from work early.

Then came Halloween. We had a halloween play date with my beautiful college friends and all of their charming little ones.

It is always total madness when we all get together since there are a dozen little ones between us. So needless to say this was a good as it got when it came to a group shot.

We also went to several fall festivals where the boys got to try out their costumes, play games and G even got to ride a fun little train.
Please allow me to introduce you to the Fire Chief and his trusty Fire Rescue Dog.

G really loved his costume. Well, let me be clear... He loved being a fireman. He loved the hat. He loved his fire boots. He didn't really love wearing the pants or jacket. He wore it around the house like this for a week before halloween and is still loving playing in the parts of his costume.

I started writing this post on the 10th and here I am 12 days later finally pushing publish on my Falling Behind post. I guess not much has changed over the past 12 days. Still terribly behind...

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