Thursday, November 03, 2011

6 and Fluffy

Days keep coming, like it or not, and my little babe is already 6 months old. It happened over a week ago and I am still not believing that he is really 1/2 a year old. Where did it go? All I know is that it happened quickly, very, very quickly.

Six months finds our little Smush sitting well on his own, cutting teeth, slobbering like mad, talking for hours on end like a teenage girl and still perfectly smushy.

He jibber jabbers so much that most of the pictures from our little 6 month photo shoot look like this with his mouth wide open dadadadain away.

Here is a little more proof and evidence of his adorable squeals and razzes too.

His growth is evening out and slowing down a bit on the charts. He is now between the 80th and 90th percentile for height, weight and his head measurement. His head is going up and his height and weight are slowing down making him a perfectly proportioned little Smush. He weighed in at 18 pounds 11 ounces at his well check, but I some how failed to get his length.

His hair just keeps growing too and following a very similar pattern to G's. He has definitely entered one of my favorite stages, The Fluff. It is lightening up and getting those red undertones like G's did too.

He has proven this month that he definitely prefers breast milk to every other possible form of food including fruits, vegetables and formula. Really saying prefers is putting it nicely since most other encounters are flat out refusals, but we are working on it. Our best successes are coming from whole pieces of skinned fruit or well cooked chunks of vegetables that he can safely gnaw on.

As for sleep, he is still waking once, typically in the early morning hours. He often finds his way into our bed around this feeding and stays cozied up next to mom and dad until morning comes. It is such a hard habit to break me him of when you get to wake up to this sweet face smiling at you.

It is hopeless! I adore him like crazy. Only six months in and he has already gained control. Between him and his brother, they have me smitten and completely wrapped around those dimpled little fingers.

I know the next 6 months are going to fly by equally as fast and will hold just as many changes for our little Smush. I will just be here soaking up snuggles, still trying to slow things down and enjoying this beautiful ride.

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