Saturday, January 21, 2012

We're Back!

We are here.  This blog has not been abandoned forever. 

Where to start... The holidays?  That seems overwhelming. Smush hitting the 8 month mark?  Now he's closer to 9.  Really, just a few days away.  Crawling?  Oh, yea.  That happened. Maybe that's why I haven't blogged.  Nah... G hitting 2 and 1/2.  That post is definitely coming. 

So just to get the blog rolling...  A tiny holiday recap.

It was amazing.  It was busy.  Really busy.  We took naps in the car between stops.  We played games, loved on family and ate lots of delicious sweets.  Nolan ate wrapping paper.  G loved looking at Christmas lights, reading Christmas stories, opening gifts and drinking hot chocolate. G thought Jesus' mom's name was Mary Christmas.  So sweet! 

New Years Eve.  It was low key.  We went to church and then had a party of four.  We bought a party pack for 75% off at the grocery store on the way home.  We made salad, steaks, and mac and cheese.  We blew horns, wore silly hats and I sang Auld Lang Syne (which Matt claimed he had never heard).  We FaceTimed with friends who were doing the same thing at their houses.  I cherish that night.

Life has been moving at a crazy fast pace.  We are always jetting from one place to the next between friends and family.  Laundry is constantly piled and the dish washer always humming along.  The blog sitting dormant for a month... or more.   I don't always operate well at this kind of pace.  I do know that the reason for this pace is that we have an amazing group of friends and sweet family that we are surrounded by.  So much so that even though this pace is fast there are still some that I am sad I don't get to see more. 

There are no signs of stopping so hopefully this isn't the only post for another month.  I have so much more I want to share but I wouldn't recommend holding your breath.

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