Wednesday, February 08, 2012

G v 2.5

Our big man is now officially 2 and a half. He has reached the point where the changes seem to have slowed down until I look back 6 months and realize that he is still changing at lightening speed. 

At 2 and a half you have stopped growing out but just continue growning up.  Stacking on what looks to be about 2 inches since your birthday.  Those faint baby fat rolls are quickly disappearing.  This is hard on mommy's heart.  Once that last little knuckle dimple and tiny thigh roll are gone you will officially be a big boy.  Although, you sure think you are already. 

At 2 and a half you are still constantly shocking me with your smarts.  Your new favorite hobby is puzzles.  Your very favorite are the 12 piecers, but we will probably break out the 24 piece one that we got you this week.  You need no assistance and will do them over and over again.  Daddy likes to time you because you are so quick.  It only takes you about 3 minutes to snap one together. You soak up information like a sponge and have even started speaking a little spanish.  

At 2 and a half you roar almost as much as you talk.  You LOVE to roar.  You answer the door with roars, greet me from nap with roars and our dinner conversation has turned to almost complete roaring.  Most of the time you are a dinosaur but other times you will be a roaring bear or lion. When you are not roaring you are still pretending.  Sometimes I hear you call from the other room and rushin only to find that one of your toys is actually calling for their mom.

At 2 and a half you are still a pretty good eater.  You can be finicky and will love something one day and won't touch it the next but overall you still love to eat.  Lately you are more inclined to skip a meal all together because you would rather be playing than stuck at the table.  You are learning to asked to be excused but most often you ask as you are running out of the kitchen already. You have a deep and profound love for chocolate.  Daddy has instilled it in you.  You also love cheese, but that come from me. 

At 2 and a half you are challenging.  You are all about testing your limits with mom and dad and trying to find slivers of control.  This seems to come in waves too.  Most days are lovely, you are cracking me up and being sweet with your brother and on the more rare days you spend lots of time in the corner.    

At 2 and a half you are half naked.  There is something about you and pants. Not sure why but you would rather be running around in your underwear all day than have clothes on.  Most mornings getting dressed is a battle.  You would be happy to roam your classroom, the library, grocery store or the neighborhood in your undies.  Sometimes you get away with the neighborhood...   

At 2 and a half you really love trucks (you can name tons of different kinds), animals (particularly dinosaurs), play dough, and books.  You still absolutely love to read.  You already have down the phonics for most of the alphabet and make mention of letters every where we go.

At 2 and a half your parents adore you like crazy.  We always have.  We always will. 

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