Tuesday, August 06, 2013

a plan

Friday we had our second appointment with the specialist and were able to ask tons of questions.  Several of the answers were we won't know exactly until he's born, a few more were now directed to the pediatric surgeon we have been referred to and a few of them we even got answers to.

We did find out that our boy is not showing any signs of a chromosomal abnormality at this point.  Our decision was to do the blood test and not a full amnio so we don't have a complete work up, but everything they were able to test for came back negative.  We were so thankful that the waiting period was over and to get that news!

They also did another sonogram, which they will do at every appointment from here on out.  After our next appointment it looks like we will meet with the specialist weekly. The sonogram showed exactly what we had seen previously, severe ascites and no signs of a large intestine.

The plan for now is to continue with the regular observation of him.  They are looking for any signs of distress, like the fluid growing or spreading to other areas (heart/lungs/brain) or any sign of chemical distress to his other organs that the fluid might cause. I will continue regular care with the ob also.  Glucose test is up next! We will be meeting soon with a maternal care coordinator at the hospital who handles high risk cases and the pediatric surgeon.  They should be able to answer a  few more questions for us.

This road ahead is long and very uncertain.  There are many things that we simply won't know until they do or don't happen.  Out goal is to get the information that we can and continuing to trust and have faith with all the unknowns.

We are praying against any signs of distress and that I would be able to carry him until he is full term.  We are praying for peace to continue to wash over our family. And always for a miracle!


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  1. I'm so glad you are able to get some answers. It sounds like you already have such a wonderfully supportive medical team behind you and your family! many prayers!