Wednesday, September 11, 2013

doctor, doctor

We had two more doctors appointments this week, but don't have a lot to report. 

I had to change ob's in order to deliver at Medical City and we had out first appointment this week. We are so thankful that she took our case, as it's high risk and it's not common to change doctors at 25 weeks pregnant.  She came into the room on Monday hobbling on crutches, fresh off of emergency knee surgery the previous Friday.  So either she's crazy, a very committed doctor or maybe a little of both.  Either way, we absolutely loved her.  She spent a lot of time catching up on our history and current pregnancy.  She seemed extremely concerned with keeping up with my (and Matt's) physical and mental well being, recommending spending time exercising, reading, going on dates or doing anything to get a deep breath, keep stress low and our marriage strong during this time. Since we hadn't been back to an ob since the original diagnosis (all of our doctors appointments dealt with our son's health and very little with mine) it was interesting to find out that I am at an increased risk for preeclamsia.  So I will be monitoring my weight and blood pressure at home each week and get to do some fun tests to measure the protein in my urine.  We see her again in 4 weeks and then are already bumped to appointments every 2 weeks.       

On Friday, we went to see our perinatal doctor who does the detailed sonograms every 2 weeks at this point, soon to be every week.  She also went over our MRI results in detail with us.  As we found out he does have what they are calling a microcolon.  While we are still taking it as good news, she confirmed that we really don't know how good of news it is.  We probably won't know until he is born if it is something that can actually sustain any kind of function. 

So we keep on, keeping on.  We have a brief break from doctors appointments and then they really ramp up for the remainder of this pregnancy.

We are believing and standing firm in this today...
We have this hope as an anchor for the soul, firm and secure.
Hebrews 6:19 

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