Monday, January 25, 2010

Mr. Personality

Oh, How this boy makes my heart happy! Here are a few of the things he has been doing lately that give him so much personality.

After every bite he feels the need to put his hand/bib in his mouth. Like so...

What a mess! It ends up in his eye brows, but he is enjoying each and every meal.

His new favorite trick in the glider - backbends. He is usually trying to get a glimpse of what Dad is up to.

Just a Cold
You might notice in some of the pictures he has scratches on his nose. Poor guy has been suffering from his first cold and keeps scratching at his nose, since he doesn't know how to find relief. To keep the bleeding to a minimum we have had to resort to this.

He talks and talks all day long, sometimes even moving his mouth like he is talking without making a noise. He says hi and the and da da da. Since he is only 6 months old none of these sounds/words have any context, but they seem to be his favorite combinations. And then there is the shrieking, squeaking, grunting, coughing combos. It is too funny! You just have to hear it for yourself.

Cough and Squeak from Callie Newton on Vimeo.

Grunting contests have become a regular occurence. He brings so much joy!

Untitled from Callie Newton on Vimeo.

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