Monday, February 15, 2010

Closer to 1 than 0

Wow! How fast 7 months can fly by. Our little man is over the half way mark and is officially closer to being a 1 year old than he is to his birth. Ha!

Here is what we, his blessed parents, are loving about 7 months.
-Personality -Oh, how it reveals itself more everyday.
-Learning - You are soaking it all in and watching you learn to feed yourself is such a joy and mess!
-Sit and Play - Everyday you grow stronger and now love to sit and play with your toys. Sitting brings so many new experiences with it (swings, shopping carts, high chairs, etc) and it is great watching you enjoy them.
-Expressions - G you have had the funniest expressions since you were born and they continue to delight us.
-Sleep - You sleep so well through the night right now. We feel rested and we thank you!
-Interaction - you love interacting with us, family and your friends.
-Mornings - you never wake up on the wrong side of the crib and you have the sweetest sleepy morning eyes.
-Gentle - you used to pull my hair every time you got a hand full but now you have a gentle way. You like to just touch. You are also becoming quite the snuggler, loving to push your head into the crook of my neck. It is heaven for your momma!
-Teeth - your dimply grin is growing teeth, it might just push me over the happiness edge. If you were any cuter...
-Noise - It seems you learn to make a new noise constantly. Usually when you figure out a cool one you will hang on to it for a couple of days before trying something new. I have tried to get them on video, not all too successfully. Lately you rattle off, hey dadadadada. Or at least that is what it sounds like.

I love you G, my sweet Bug!

Blocks were a good idea in the early months, but getting much more difficult...

Like Father, Like Son...


  1. Way to go G - 7 months!! And that picture of Matt is too funny - such a violent cry! :( Poor kiddo. Two thumbs up on the expressions - G has the most expressive face! It's almost as though he doesn't need words.

  2. Ack, now that I'm browsing through your blog I feel some major gushing coming on...he is CUTE! No wonder you're bombarded by strangers!