Thursday, March 11, 2010

Free Ear Piercing

Special Offer! You can now have your ears pierced for FREE at Raising Fig. Matt and I have gotten ours done. Don't you want to too? Just push play and claim your free offer now.

**offer courtesy of G Vocal Experiments, Inc
***please, oh please, let this offer be for a limited time only

If the video is not showing up you can use the link below.


  1. Cracked me up! I clicked play and both Leila and Rocco were in another room. They both came running into the living room and out the dog door - then back inside and up into my lap onto the computer to find the noise. Seems that Rocco and Leila have had their ears pierced as well! I can't quit laughing!! I almost want to watch it again to watch them freak out again...

  2. Wow!! Yet he somehow makes screaming so darn cute!!!