Saturday, October 30, 2010

It's a Tradition

Yup! We get to decorate these bad boys every year!

The process starts weeks before the decorating as the family searches for the correct cinnamon imperials and my grandmother's incredibly vague recipe that we have used all the years before. For example the icing recipe just list ingredients - no measurement. Every year we end up winging it so we have no idea what we did to make a note and remind ourselves next year. It is all part of fun, part of the process. The day before the dough is made and 100 sweet little pumpkins, bats and ghosts are rolled and cut. Seriously, it's a workout. But oh so worth it when you are lying on the couch sick from consuming your weight in candy corn the next day and laughing remembering making candy corn vampire teeth with your grandmommy!

It was G's first year to help decorate and as you can tell from his face he loved eating all the goodies, I mean decorating too!


  1. Wonderful tradition, Callie!!!!!! Looks fun and sounds yummy!

  2. Great tradition!!! Sounds like my fam's Christmas cookie insanity, but much more clever! I'm sure G's a great eater *I mean decorater*....

  3. Love it! Love the cookies, the tradition, love you!