Sunday, October 10, 2010

More Park

G wants more park! More Park! More Park! He chants it! He demands it!

Okay, he is only one and thankfully doesn't demand anything quite yet. But this weather we have been enjoying demands that we be outside to soak it up and G seems pretty happy about that. So back to the park...

Our little toddler really can not get enough of the outdoors these days. Anytime a door opens he sees it as a chance to escape to his favorite place... Outside. He loves it all - drive-way, backyard, and park play. Unluckily, when it is time to go inside the fit begins. A serious fit, legs and arms flailing, a big I don't want to go inside cry and all. It's ugly! Then he sees a ball inside or I get him a snack and he is over it.

These pictures are all from last Sunday. We chalked up the driveway, took a wagon ride to the park and finished it off with a game of hoops and frozen yogurt.

I love the way he always holds on to the sides of the wagon and looks all around!

Watching the big kids play takes real concentration and yes holding your tongue out helps

His first dunk!

Even helped daddy pull the car back into the driveway

For our little family this is as good as it gets!

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  1. He and B totally need a date together to play (outside, of course!). She, too, does the going-inside-tantrum :), but I'll take it if it means I get to have my precious nature lover...and his hair cut looks great!