Monday, January 31, 2011

A 70 year old Spud?

First, let me say this year has been busy. I mean bizzzz-Eeee! I have gotten so far behind I don't even know where to start. This includes taking pictures of my little man. So I am just skipping over a few things like the fact that he is now 1 and a half and talking like crazy and jumping to what I do have pictures of. On to the post...

Turning 70!
What an occasion to celebrate. Especially when it is someone as special Spud or Papa to G. I don't know if I have said it here before, but I seriously hit the in-law jackpot. They are beautiful people, who thankfully taught my husband how to be an incredible man, husband and father. I am beyond thankful for them and the cherished role they play in our and our little man's life.

More about Spud...
Spud is a loved guy. Not just by his family, but by his enormous group of friends, business community and seemingly everyone he comes into contact with. If you have met him this is no surprise. He is easy to love for one simple reason... he loves. He truly loves people. Spud is the kind of man who keeps his word and will ALWAYS be there if you need him. His character bears the meaning of wearing your heart on your sleeve. If he loves you, you know it. And with loving comes giving. He gives tirelessly to causes he feels worthy and passionate about, including our little family.

In order to celebrate...
It had to be big right? A man as loved as Spud has to have a grand 70th. So Jeanie, his wife, got to work. Along with the wife of a dear friend who Spud shares a close birthday with, she planned an enormous party. She sneakily got family and friends in town from as far as Seattle and Boston and schemed a great surprise. He showed up at one of his favorite restaurants thinking they were having a small dinner to celebrate and the entire restaurant was shut down, on a Saturday night, and filled with over 150 friends and family. He saw his brothers and sisters and the tears came quick. Mine were quick to follow and a quick glance around showed I wasn't alone. Then we celebrate. Late into the night and early the next morning there was drinking, eating, roasting and toasting, dancing and a few more joyful tears.

To continue celebrating...
All of the Newton's got together on Sunday to just enjoy each other in the small time we had since most of the out-of-towners were leaving on Monday morning. It is precious to see G play with all of his gorgeous girly cousins. He LOVES them. They follow him around like a herd, then rush back to report what funny non-sense he is babbling or antic he pulled. It is also precious to see family together in such great numbers. Although, we were missing a few, having this group together was precious time that couldn't be better spent.

Happy 70th Papa! We love you!

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