Saturday, February 05, 2011

G version 1.5

He's one and a half. Seriously? Where does it go? These last few months seem to have brought on a wealth of change. But I guess I could say that about every month, week, day since birth at this point. G, here is just a bit of what you are up to...

These days you are running, throwing, and climbing the day away. You find new ways to climb on things and will move objects to make steps. Very clever sweet G, but you scare your momma! You have an always growing collection of balls and have a solid overhand throw down pat. We gets lots of comments on what an arm you have.

Your vocabulary is growing exponentially! A few of your words: Mom, Da, Ball, Bubble, Tiger, Turtle, Go, Back Dog, Ice, Thank You, No, Cheers, Cheese, Nonna, Papa, Me, Shoes, Hi, Hello, Eyes, Mouth, Bye, Yes, All Done and so many more. It seems like at least once a day your surprise us with a new word.

You still LOVE animals!
You will sit for long periods of time just identifying them, having mommy or daddy identify them, and making all of the animal noises/motions you know. You love to: Bark, Moo, Baa, Swing your trunk, hide in your turtle shell, stretch you neck like a girafee, roar, oink, squeek like a mouse, make claws like a crab, Meow, fishy faces, hiss like a snake, fly like a bird and hoot like an owl.

A little distracted but here are a few animal favorites

Putting it together!
You love to play with your puzzles and legos. Taking them apart and putting them back together again and again. Mommy is so impressed with how quickly you picked up on how to do puzzles. Of course, you love them because the several we have are all animals.

You still LOVE to read. You will bring me book after book, after book. We have your books in almost every room of the house. Sometimes we even have to stop in the middle of doing dishes or laundry just to read a book. I am a sucker! How could I say no to a book, even if it is in the middle of the kitchen floor? I can already tell you are going to be like your mom and want 10 bedtime stories a night. Right now, daddy and I read you one or two, sometime three but you always ask for another. Your favorites are Quick as a Cricket, Anything by Sandra Boynton, and your Zoo-ology book. You also really enjoy visit the library to check out new books and listen to Mother Goose time.

The Arts.
You love to break out the finger paints, crayons, or colored pencils and create a masterpiece. When it comes to fingerpaints the masterpiece is usually your painted up body. But it is so fun watching you explore that all the mess is definitely worth it.

The ugly. To be completely honest the past month has brought out a bit of the ugly in you. We have started with small tantrums and hitting when you don't get your way. You have experienced your first (and many since) timeouts. It broke our hearts to do it, but we couldn't resist laughing at the same time. That cute little diapered booty sticking out from the corner was irresistable. I know this is all normal for your age and thus is one of the major challenges of parenting - discipline.

G, we are so enamoured with watching you grow and you fill our house with so much laughter. On top of all of these things you are gentle and sweet, still loving to cuddle and giving drive by kisses to your momma when you play. You are funny and already know it. You love to make people laugh and have already perfected your fake cheeseball smile. You have rhythym in your heart and the slightest beat can make your little diaper booty sway. Watching you change and grow has been the greatest joy of my life. I can't wait to see what tomorrow holds.


  1. BEST POST EVER!!!!!!!!! Love it, Callie!! My favorite is the super incredibly, cute video!!

  2. I love you Ghirin. Every good, funny, bad, sweet and huggable moment of your life! And I love your Mommy and Daddy too. Lola

  3. He is so adorable! Congrats on baby #2 and I can't wait to hear what he/ she is!