Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Skipping Rocks

The very first thing that we did this year, seriously bright and early January 1st, was head to my dad's house down in the Texas Hill Country. G started off the trip in grand fashion with a mild case of road sickness, followed by a lightning fast clean up in a gas station parking lot in the 30 degree morning weather. Yikes, but we hopped back on the road and hoped for the best.

The visit was quick and low key but G had a great time playing with his Grandma, Grandpa, Uncle Eric and all of the trucks they gave him for Christmas. Eric even taught him how to ride on one of the bigger Tonka trucks.

Turns out I was horrible at taking pictures, but managed to capture some of G at the lake. As we do each and every visit, we headed down to visit the lake which has been low for a decade it seems.

Last time G enjoyed the trip from his Baby Katan, but this time he got to experience the walk, rocks, sticks, water and all. G really enjoyed Eric teaching him to skip or as G does it throw rocks into the water.

The trickiest part was keeping him from trying to retrieve the rocks that he had thrown. Lake was a little too cold for that buddy, but maybe next time!

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