Thursday, December 30, 2010

The Sweetest Moments

I saved a few of the sweetest moments from our Christmas adventure for their very own post.

This Christmas we had the treat of having G's greatgrandmother, aka BizNonna, visiting from Boston. She loves watching him run around and he is equally thrilled by her songs and sweet games. At the end of the night on Christmas Day, she was playing a game with G and this little cat. She would stroke the cat while saying something in Italian and then she would make the cat bounce. G thought it was hysterical and would have sat there and watched until BizNonna was blue in the face. Everytime the kityy went flying he was equally surprised and attached by laughter.

The other moment I loved was the day after Christmas. I had been in an extreme organization mode since we got home on Christmas night, so I had left the boys to fend/ relax by themselves while I scurried all around the house. Mid-morning I walked back through the living room to find them fast asleep.

A little over a year ago this would not have been such a shocking site, but since becoming increasing more mobile our little man typically will not fall asleep outside of a crib or car seat. If you try to get him to snuggle or go to sleep while you are still there he wants to play, poke your nose, or climb the bed. So when I saw them there on the couch, I knew how exhausted he must have been. Christmas is tiring sweet G!

Sweet memories in of a busy, busy Christmas!

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  1. What an amazing gift your family has that G can make memories with not one great-grandmother, but two! I'm so glad for you :)