Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Be Mine

This might have been my favorite Valentine's Day yet! G and I spent the day together enjoying the spoils of 2.14 all day long.

To start...
Strawberry crepes, G's first taste of strawberry milk and two new books! We opened our Valentine's Day cards and some special treats sent from Grandma and Grandpa.

We ran our normal Monday errands but we shared Candy Hearts and played with our Valentine's Day balloon all along the way.
It was a gorgeous day so we even enjoyed a patio lunch date, just the two of us!

After Nap...
Daddy came home early and we gave him his present. A new Elmo shirt!

We headed out for dinner at the Purple Cow and to see the Pioneer Woman at her book signing!

Our spot in line ended up being way too far back to actually wait and meet her. Unless we wanted to reschedule G's bedtime for 11 pm! It was great fun just being with my boys. G certainly makes holidays much more fun, especially the cheesy ones that we never really celebrate before anyway!

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