Thursday, February 24, 2011

Sharing Life

This is Kristin.
She is the best when it comes to many things, but friendship being at the top of that list.
She is an inspiration. Bringing out the best in those around her.
She is an ear. A soft place to land when it feels all else has failed.
She is a challenge. Never letting you settle.
She is a caretaker. Looking out for others (especially me) and never expecting the gesture to be returned.
She is genuine. Just listen to her laugh and you'll know what I mean.
A few weeks ago she was waiting...
Now, she is a mother and it suits her like she was never meant to be anything else.

This is Asher. Her son. What a gift they have in each other.

I am blessed. I have spent 12 years as her friend. We have shared apartments, clothes, laughs, drinks, meals, countless memories and our lives. For the past year and a half, she has shared in G's life too. Not just as a by-stander or on-looker. She has truly loved him well. And you can tell by the way her loves her.

Over the last 9 months I have been able to share in her pregnancy. Now, I get to love her and Asher through the long nights, hard choices, and sweet firsts. Just like she has done for me. I get to share in his life and even though he is only a few weeks old it has already brought tremendous joy.

Although this post is for Kristin, I would leave a terrible gap if I didn't mention her amazing husband. Austin has been a large and wonderful part of mine and my family's lives since they began dating almost 10 years ago. Truthfully, seeing him become a father and the subtle changes and softness it has created in him is equally beautiful to me. I am so proud of you both.

The past few weeks have brought at times sweet, hot, unexpected tears. The kind of tears only overwhelming joy can bring. The kind of tears that I am blessed to experience because I share life with you. And what a blessing it is!

So Much Love Now and Always to you, Kristin, Austin and Asher!

For more pictures of this sweet boy and her pregnancy progression visit It's A Jones


  1. What a beautiful post, Callie. I love your sincerity and love even more the tried and true friendship you and Kristin have with each other. It is a rare find. What a blessing that God has given you both. Much love!

  2. Precious words, Callie. Kristin is blessed to have a supportive and loving friend like you!

  3. This one got me. What else can I say. I love both of my girls so much and I love the way you love each other! Share, experience, never forgetting and always be there for each other as you have been since you met! You are a special.