Wednesday, June 01, 2011

This is BIG!

I wasn't ready for it to happen. I didn't want it to happen at all. I actually thought about throwing a fit. A full on fit, you know, where I would throw my fists at the ground, scream "No!" over and over again, while my legs spasmed out of control. But, you would be proud, I held it together mostly and just let this happen.

That's right! He's in a Big Boy Bed! Why? Oh! Because after hearing him scream, then running to his room only to find him stuck straddling the crib rail stuck in utter fear we decided this was the better option.

As I should have known, when this guy is ready for something he handles it with ease. I was afraid of sleepless nights and a rough transition. I had nothing to fear. G loves his bed, whether it has a front or not and he has been handling naps and bedtime like a pro. The first time he saw his crib with out the front he was so excited and ran to it to climb in. And after that first nap he was so proud of himsself. It was darling!

Now we are only a week in and things could go horribly downhill, but I am not counting on it.

The next big thing will be getting rid of that night time pacifier. Another thing that will probably be harder for Momma than it is for him.

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