Wednesday, October 26, 2011


My hope is that these two grow into a deep and sweet understanding of what it means to have a brother. An understanding that they live out through out their lives. I know that they will fight hard and play rough, but my hope is that we can model for them how to also love deeply.

They are already off to such a good start.

I love this outtake because it their faces are funny and what in the world was G doing with his leg? But also because you can see their hands. When they are near they are often holding hands. Nolan is in that grabbing stage where he is always looking for something to hold onto or chew on and his brother's hand seems like a good choice. G also reaches for Nolan too. When we are laying on the floor reading books or snuggling up on the couch he takes hold. Heart Melt. Every time.

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