Sunday, November 07, 2010

Halloween was Genius

Halloween couldn't have been more fun. G's friends came over for a pumpkin shaped sandwich and monster bones picnic and ghost bowling before the big trick-or-treating event. With five kids and all the parents our house was quite chaotic but full of laughs and fun.

G and Colt toured the neighborhood in their wagon and the girls had a blast ringing doorbells and explaining their costumes. They were precious running back from each doorway yelling "Mommy, look what I got!" with their bags wide open.

When we got back to the house they loaded up on candy and G broke out the straw flute to entertain everyone.

I absolutely love watching these little ones grow up together (like their mom's did). Their interactions only get more precious and priceless over time. Oh, look at those faces, I just adore them all!

Our Halloween Genius - Baby Einstein


  1. Bahahaha! His costume is GENIUS! This post makes me smile :)

  2. The last picture is sheer awesomeness!!