Wednesday, November 17, 2010


G and I had the urge to bake this weekend, so we tried this pumpkin chocolate chip cookie recipe that had been haunting me since the moment I saw it. Although we may be a little early for the chefs hat and apron, I do love having a little kitchen helper. G has become a pro at watching dinner cook in the over, stirring when appropriate and always wanting to be held so he can see what I'm cooking. I think his favorite job is being my taste tester.

What do you think future chef in the making?

**Disclaimer** I realize almost nothing about this cooking experience is sanitary. Eat items from the Newton household at your own risk. It just may have been cooked by a chef in his diaper.

And if you were wondering the cookies are delicious! We made two small substitutions dark chocolate chips in the cookies and almond extract instead of vanilla in the icing. All the Newton's gave them two thumbs up!


  1. I see a future heartbreaker in the making!!

  2. I saw those cookies, too, recently and thought they looked delicious. Glad to hear a rousing review from a good pal!