Tuesday, November 09, 2010

With the Fishes

Last week Daddy spent a few days at home just relaxing and loving on his family. G and I soaked up every minute of having him home with us for four days in a row (including the weekend)! One of the few planned activities on our list was to take G to the Dallas Aquarium.

See G LOVES the piddly little aquarium at his pediatricians office and he also LOVES making fishy faces, so we were sure it would be a hit.
Here he is practicing.

We were right. He did love it! I loved that all of the animals are close enough that he could actually tell that they were there and much of the aquarium looks like a rain forest with waterfalls and birds chirping all around so there was something fun to see every where he looked. The added bonus was that since we went on a cold rainy day during the middle of the week no one was there

Here are a few, ummm ok maybe a lot, of the highlights...

G checking out the ginormous snakes, yikes!

I fell in love with these monkeys. Of course I have already forgotten what kind they are, but they were only 5 inches tall. The sweetest thing is the teensy tiny baby monkey who was crawling all over his momma. I feel ya momma monkey!

Checking out the jaguar

Showing Daddy the shark

I know this picture is terrible, but I just love these little penguins and how one is looking right at G. I think he wants to play ball.

The number of things I love about this picture could fill a whole post. To sum it up I ADORE these faces and the sweet souls they carry!

So endearing how G kept pointing out all of the animals to us.

I am looking forward to the next staycation already!

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