Tuesday, November 02, 2010


All the beautiful weather we have been enjoying had the pumpkin patches calling our name this year. We visit our local patch twice and made a trip down to the Arboretum to play amongst their pumpkin and gourd houses. G had so much fun on each trip and has developed a love for pumpkins. He found out they make great drums, some of them are hard to pick up, the little ones are fun to play with and even throw. Oops!

Here is a just a sampling of the hundreds of pumpkin patch pics we have collected.

Andrew and G at the pumpkin patch 2009 v. 2010

Last year we spent most of the time propping them, feeding them and just strolling quietly. This year we could hardly get a picture that wasn't on the move. We oh so cleverly stuck them in between hay bails to corral them, if only for a minute. The rest of the time they ran...

Next up... Halloween!

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