Wednesday, August 10, 2011

N is 3M

So I am not going to consult the calendar to figure out exactly how late this post is, but Nolan is 3 Months old! He actually might be closer to 4 now, but again I am not getting the calendar out.

3 month olds are fabulous! Or at least this one is. He has the sweetest personality and has let us in on his laugh. Hearing that first laugh is such a big moment. Is there any sweeter sound than your baby laughing? Only thing I can think of is your babies laughing. And like I said before, this little family works to hear that laugh every day. Even G loves to make his brother laugh and smile.

Nolan is trying hard to roll over but just gets stuck on those broad shoulders. It won't be long though.

We don't have any official stats since we don't have a 3 month well check but my guess is he's staying right on that big baby curve. His 6 month clothes are getting seiously tight so it's mostly 9 month and even some 12 months clothes for this big guy. Which works out perfectly for the hand-me-down situation since it was summer again when G fit into 12 month clothes.

He still sleeps great and has regulate to a schedule that includes a nap between each feeding during the day and sleeping from 8 pm to 8 am most days. He is still holding tight to his 4 am feeding. I love the sweet snuggly time with him, so I haven't really worked to break him of it.

Something sweet I don't want to forget is how he always falls asleep and nurses holding on to something. Usually it is my shirt, but he will accept a lock of hair, burp cloth, blanket or anything that he can get that fist around. He has also found his thumb/hand/fist. He would prefer that over the pacifer most of the time. Although I have heard the thumb is a harder habit to break, watching him find and suck his thumb is the sweetest.

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