Monday, August 01, 2011

Celebrating Two

He's 2!

See we have our 2's up!

How did he wake up looking older? Seriously? Look at that picture. Don't you feel like it's a glimpse of him at 3 or maybe 5. That's it, we are going to start swaddling him again and giving him bottles. I feel better already, like time is slowing down. On to the rest of the day...

The day couldn't have been more perfect! G woke up to balloons (like last year), a star shaped doughnut, very special cookies and cream milk straw and new coloring books. We had been talking about his birthday, celebrating several other birthdays and reading birthday books for at least a week, so he was excited that it was finally here. It is so neat to see him actually somewhat understanding celebrations.

After breakfast we head out to the backyard so G could see what Mommy and Daddy had been working on for weeks. His new play area; including a sand table, water table and pots of dirt for digging and burying! He loved it and did not want to go back inside.

That morning several friends came over to play in the backyard and enjoy popsicles. It was small, simple and just perfect for our little 2 year old.

That afternoon we rested up for our big date. Nonnie and Papa came over to watch Nolan while G enjoyed some special time alone with Mommy and Daddy.

We went to a hibachi grill so you could enjoy some of your favorite foods like edamame, rice, and grilled veggies. You can eat edamame faster than we can shell it for you, so you are already working on how to get the peas out yourself.

You also love the hibachi restaurant because you get to eat with "sticks". At dinner, they sang you happy birthday and brought out a special birthday ice cream. You loved it and after learning how to lick the good stuff off the bottom of the candle proceeded to eat the rest of your dessert by way of candle.

After dinner we head to Toys R Us for you to pick out a special toy. You wanted the Little People Rocket Ship and Astronaut and have been playing "blast off" ever since. Since it was your birthday they gave you a special crown and balloon too.

It was an incredibly special day, intended to be filled with all the simple things you love at 2 years old.

When I stop to think about how much you have grown and changed in this last year it is overwhelming. You are my little buddy and we chat all day long. I adore your tender spirit and wish that I could freeze time. I wish that I could memorize exactly who you are today because you are growing and changing all to fast.

Happy Birthday G! I can't wait to see what 2 has in store for us. You are adored little man!

**In case your interested, our favorite birthday books were The Birthday Box and The Birthday Fish. We checked them out from our favorite library!

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  1. Yipee! I am have been waiting to see birthday pics since I had to skip. LOVE them!!