Sunday, December 06, 2009

Always Pleased

I have a 5 month old. He LOVES to look in the mirror. I hold him up and he takes one glance at himself and is SO pleased. He shoots himself big smiles and even a giggle or two. We go through this routine daily - often multiple times a day. Then the other day it struck me... what if we were always this pleased to see ourselves in the mirror.
I am sure at one time I greet my reflection with coo's and grins, but now all I seem to see are the flaws. They are highlighted, in neon even, screaming out to me at each glance. I walked by the mirror with a uggh and hurry on.
Matt and I have joked since G was born about what life would be like if we never lost some of our infant habits. Most of them would make adult life, as we know it, awkward, but when it comes to delighting in our image - exactly how we were intended to be- here I think we could take a lesson from the babies.
Now I am off to put on a mask...

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  1. As your mother I find it hard to believe that you can find a flaw when you look in the mirror at yourself. I agree that there is a lesson to be learned from G. We are mighty hard on our physical selves. In reality, that is not what it is all about now is it! Even if there is a blemish that you might see in the walls that surround the loving, caring, beautiful person that I know, I dearly love every piece of you.