Sunday, December 06, 2009

His timing is perfect

Matt and I have recently begun attending one church regularly. We struggled to find a place that would meet our varying needs, since we come from different religious upbringings. After attending this church off and on for years it has now become apparent that we have found a "home". One reason this church community feels so right to us is the amazing timing we have encountered with sermons and lessons learned. Today was no exception. He knows the lessons our hearts need and exactly when we need them!
This is just one example...
Luckily, this church is very close to my mothers house and we have been fortunate enough to leave G with her while we attend service. All the while, I have known that this luck would run out and G would have to go to childcare at some point. As a first time stay-at-home parent, this was a bit daunting.
So today we geared up and were ready to leave him during the service. Bring on the germs, the lovely and capable volunteers that we don't know, the risk of a blow out in strangers arms, an inconsolable spell with out mom's comfort. We were going to do it. Ready or not.
We had a few minutes to spare, but took our seats and I just tried to sit still. My stomach was turning and I just kept thinking this is no big deal. I kept repeating "If they need us they will page us" and "He will be fine". I asked Matt several times, "Do you think he's ok?". He tried to reassure me, but I was anxious.
This is where the impeccable timing comes in... The sermon starts and the topic is no other than anxiety! Seriously? You know my heart. You know where it is in every moment and so often You lovingly put the answers in front of me. This time it was crystal clear. If I am being completely honest though... it was hard for me to concentrate, because I was so anxious about my baby.
He did great! The ladies loved him, he was still in the same clothes (no blow out!), and so far no signs of strange illness. Until next week he will be in my arms :)

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  1. Every single time we go to church, the sermon is about something that is going on in our lives. It is really amazing! Waiting to hear about getting my first job, bam, sermon about how God woos us and gives us the things we want. The next week, I got the job. Wondering if I am really pregnant, sermon about how God does answer our prayers! The next week I find out I am pregnant. It couldn't get any better. Everytime, there is an answer, an affirmation, or confirmation about our struggles, prayers, and questions. How awesome!!