Thursday, December 03, 2009

For this Season

Seasons are captivating to me. The way we move through a year while the weather and landscape changes subtly mirroring the changes in our lives. As the seasons change it is sometime hard to let go. We cling to what we so temporarily were connected to. Yet sometimes we are ready to see the season pass - To dive right into what the next season holds.
Last night, we were reminded of a beautiful season in our lives. One that we will always look back on with fond memories. One that I am glad that I can escape back to, if only for a night.
Matt and I joined friends for a concert in Dallas. It was at a small unique venue, where none of the typical Dallas stereotypes were in play. We danced and sang and I woke up with a sore throat.
I look back at our time in Dallas with such fond memories. Our friends were at a moments notice. We lived in a cramped apartment (my 7 year old cousin even questioned "Where is the rest?"), were newly weds, with little responsibility and a city to experience. We ate at new restaurants and fell in love with the hole in the wall establishments. We took long walks on Katy Trail and discussed the seasons of our future.
Those are the seasons we are living out now and life is equally as beautiful, but it is so fun going back!

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