Tuesday, December 15, 2009

5 months or 22 weeks

It has been 5 months since we have been able to snuggle and smooch on this little man. What a blessing!

At 5 months G...
-Can roll over both ways
-Has tasted his first bit of cereal
-Chews on everything
-Is startled when he rolls over in his sleep
-Giggles hard when other people are laughing
-Has learned to scream in a playful way
-Loves to stand up
-Still loves bath time (in the bath tub, sink or shower)
-Reaches for toys when handed to him
-Can sit up (propped) with out falling over most of the time
-Is constantly amusing strangers. He is a very expressive baby!

Everyday for the past 22 weeks I have loved you, rocked you, nursed you, talked with you, wiped that cute tushie, clothed you, sung to you (much to your fathers dismay), watched you sleep, and felt overwhelmed by what an enormous blessing being your mother is. I love you sweet G!

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  1. ghirin, i love you. i miss you. come see your aunt cc already - this is just ridiculous. p.s. you're huge!