Sunday, December 13, 2009

Sports Cry

My bestie runs marathons. I know, I am with you, CRAZY right? Who thought it would be a good idea to start running and not stop for 4 hours? Not I! But after attending, as part of the cheer squad, for four years I have found that more than a few people disagree with me.
I do, however, think if you have the chance, if you are feeling down about the world, if you want to see humanity at its best, you should attend a marathon. It is unlike any other sporting event I have ever attended. It is a mass of people cheering in solidarity for strangers and friends, for a common goal, for people achieving or giving it good solid try. With out fail, within minutes of arriving I have a full on sports cry. Matt defines a sports cry as glossy eyes, usually done my a man and termed a sports cry so he doesn't seem overly emotional.
At the first glimpse of a child in a homemade "I am proud of you dad" t-shirt I am teary. A few of the moments that glossed my eyes today... The dad crossing the finish line with a sign that read "For my son (due April 2010) Never Say Can't", the lady running with one leg and one prosthetic helping to push a girl in a wheelchair "running" with her arms, the kids who jump out on the course to finish the race with their mom or dad, the face of my best friends crossing the finish line together. Every year I leave with a renewed faith in the human spirit.
I am so proud of you Kristin, Austin and Shana! You are proof that if you put your mind to something it CAN be accomplished. You are an inspiration and I love you!
Here they are 26.2 miles later crossing the finish line!

Here is G at his first marathon!

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