Monday, April 18, 2011

Did I Mention?

Seems crazy that I am just now mentioning here that we are adding a fig to our family. Yep, that's right, another baby and soon! Soon, like maybe, today?
Well, probably not today but most likely sometime within the next week.
This pregnancy has flown by, from keeping up with G, holidays, then enjoying the arrival of three other new babies in our close friends lives it seems crazy that D day is almost here. Since I am horrible about keeping up the week to week stuff here is a pregnancy summary.

We don't know and won't know until our little one makes his/her grand arrival. Based on a home gender test and the guesses of most friends it's another sweet baby boy. Either way we will be thrilled!

This babe seems to like the same places that his/her older brother did. Always sticking a back or bottom out on the right side of the bump. This little fig does hiccup quite a bit. I only felt G hiccup once or twice. This babe often hiccups twice a day.

This is hard. I crave food pregnant or not. It is hard to tell which are because of the pregnancy and which are just because I would like queso with every meal. I have notices a strong desire for Dr. Pepper in the last few weeks. I like Dr. Pepper but have never had a craving for one or rarely ever drank one in my life before. No worries I keep the caffeine to a minimum. Only a few sodas a week.
I have also noticed a desire for fried chicken, strips or the whole chicken. Yummy! Maybe one more trip to Babe's before the baby arrives?
I also seem to crave foods of my childhood when I am pregnant. Sugary cereal, pop tarts, oreos. Things that I allowed myself back then, or I guess my mom allowed, every once and a while at least. Foods that I allow myself to buy once a year now.

This is hard too. I like most food and it has stayed pretty much the same. In the beginning I was definitely more nauseous than I was with G and the smell of most any food turned me off. Luckily, I was cured of that around week 14.

What I Miss
My body. Following after G has gotten harder and harder. It seems as soon as I sit on the ground to play he wants me to move to another room to play with something else. It's hard to resist his sweet request "c'mon mommy". He has learned that it takes mommy a minute to get back up. And as anyone who has been pregnant knows, it just gets uncomfortable at a point. The discomfort makes suggling hard. I miss snuggling with my boys!

Maternity Clothes
Oh My! This might just be the hardest part this time around. Nothing Fits. All the clothes I wore with G are just too small. I am carrying the baby lower which made all my pants seriously snug. By week 30 I was wearing them out and ripping them off to be replaced by seriously over sized yoga pants as soon as I got home. I am sure Matt will enjoy me dressing like a normal person soon!

Hallelujah! I have been able to sleep during this pregnancy. Of course, there are sometimes four or five trips to the bathroom during the middle of the night but I think I can pee in my sleep at this point. TMI?

Other than having every possible sign of labor for the past few weeks this pregnancy seems to have been relatively symptom free. A little nausea in the beginning, some ligament/ groin pain in the end, and rounds and rounds of braxton hicks for the past two months.

Best Moments
The best moments of this pregnancy have been with G. He often talks to the baby, cuddles up with the bump, and has given many a kisses to this little one. I can't wait to see how he loves his little fig. I am prepared for jealousy and hard times but he is such a caring boy and I think he is going to love being a big brother!

All the pictures are by Raspberry Rain Images. Check them out! These gals are fabulous to work with and captured some sweet moments of this quickly growing family of three.


  1. I can't wait to hear about his or her big moment!!! Good luck and I'm sooooo excited for you and your sweet family. Hugs!!!

  2. Yay, the baby post! I love these pictures - as always, the love your family shares shines right through. Oh, and I love the blog makeover (these colors look like a certain adorable gender neutral nursery). :)